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Fixing Metacity's Window Placement on Dual Head Setups on OpenSolaris

It took me a few minutes to get dual-head working on OpenSolaris, but once I did, I immediately found something that greatly annoyed me. Every new window I opened would launch in the middle of the two heads (half of it on one monitor, the other half on the other monitor). Also, maximizing a window made it stretch across both monitors. It turns out this bug made it just in time for the OpenSolaris 2009.06 release. To fix the issue, you have to download a patched metacity binary referenced in this bug report. Download the binary, then run the following:

pfexec cp /usr/bin/metacity /usr/bin/metacity.orig
pfexec cp metacity /usr/bin/metacity
/usr/bin/metacity --replace

Now, metacity should behave itself. Hopefully the devs will push out an update that resolves this soon.