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Using the Sun StorageTek A1000 Under Solaris 10

We have an old Sun StorageTek A1000 sitting around that we use as scratch space for our Amanda backups. Sure, it’s old and slow, but it works very well for what we use it for. After upgrading to Solaris 10, the mountpoints worked, but I was getting a lot of complaints when loading the rdriver module from the Raid Manager application. Upon reboot into Solaris 10, I got a huge amount of these messages spewed to the console:

May 21 23:24:47 myhost krtld: [ID 819705 kern.notice] /kernel/drv/sparcv9/rdriver: undefined symbol
May 21 23:24:47 myhost krtld: [ID 826211 kern.notice] 'dev_get_dev_info'
May 21 23:24:47 myhost krtld: [ID 472681 kern.notice] WARNING: mod_load: cannot load module 'rdriver'
May 21 23:24:47 myhost genunix: [ID 370176 kern.warning] WARNING: forceload of drv/rdriver failed

It turns out that the A1000 was EOL before the Solaris 10 release, so I guess I can’t blame Sun for that. But, thanks to a post over on the Sun forums, everything still works with some configuration. First, you need to tell the system not to load the rdriver and rdnexus modules:

rem_drv rdriver
rem_drv rdnexus

Next, you need to tell the software to not use the multipath features of the driver (which the A1000 only has one controller, so multipathing is impossible). Make a backup of /etc/osa/rmparams, then change these two lines:


to look like these two lines:


Reboot, and all is well!