SysAdmin's Journey

SMF Manifests for Endeca IAP 6.x

In doing some recent upgrades, we migrated our Endeca installation to Solaris 10. I got the itch to write some SMF manifests, and here’s my completed XML and method files. First, download EndecaSMF.tar.gz, and extract it somewhere. Change to the ./endeca/ directory. Next you need to edit a few things in the two xml files. If you’re running the daemons under a user other than ‘endeca’, edit the following lines updating it with the user you created. Note that you have to edit both the start and the stop methods for a total of eight changes (4 in each XML file):

<method_credential user="endeca"/>
<envvar name="USER" value="endeca"/>

Next, edit the path to your Endeca installation. The XML files come preconfigured with ‘/apps/endeca’. This is the value to ‘–target=’ you used in the setup shell scripts. If you used something other than ‘/apps/endeca’, then do a search and replace through both XML files. Now, run the following as root:

cp svc-endeca* /lib/svc/method/
chown root:bin /lib/svc/method/svc-endeca*
chmod 755 /lib/svc/method/svc-endeca*
svccfg -v import endeca-eac.xml 
svccfg -v import endeca-workbench.xml

If your Endeca services are running, stop them now. To start the Endeca Application Controller (HTTP Service), run:

svcadm enable endeca/application-controller

If you want the Workbench server to start on every boot, run

svcadm enable endeca/workbench

That’s it!