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My Take on IBM Swallowing Sun

So, according to NYT, the IBM buying Sun deal is near final. No sir, I don’t like it one bit. I view the merger like this: IBM is a bunch of bureaucrats that know how to sell, and Sun is a bunch of brilliant geeks that would much rather focus on cool tech than making money. While IBM had the whole “pushing Linux” thing going on, all I can think of is some commercials on TV, and Eclipse. Sun has open sourced Java, Glassfish, VirtualBox, OpenOffice, and MySQL. They basically started the multi-core movement with Niagra, and OS’s that won’t implement ZFS are struggling to copy it. If IBM buys Sun, and keeps everything as it is now – great! Sun would actually make money, and we’d still have all that cool stuff. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of clashing products, and engineers don’t generally perform well in a company like IBM. Personally, I think it stinks, and pray that something happens to stop the inevitable.