SysAdmin's Journey

The Power and Simplicity of ELOG

Follow the jump to read more about ELOG, the best little logbook available! When I read the LifeHacker article about how to simplify troubleshooting with a ChangeLog, I immediately thought about one of my favorite webapps - ELOG. Written by Stefan Ritt, ELOG aims to be simple, self-contained, performant, and extendable. It achieves all of these goals and surpasses them. ELOG is written in C, and is it’s own webserver. No need to run Apache, it’s got it’s own. It’s single threaded, but for what it is, one thread is enough. We use it to keep track of our servers at work, we have a ServerLog logbook. We also use it as a Change Request management tool. It has done both for us without a hiccup, let alone a crash in the two years we’ve used it. A feature request I made to Stefan was implemented that same week! Anyways, if you’re looking for an application to log entries of data over time, look no further than ELOG!